How the Journey began

Peace by artist Jeffrey Axelrod

Peace, Love & Rock-n-roll

Here we are in the late ’60’s, and I find myself a stowaway on a plane bound for California. Yes that’s right, I smuggle myself on the plane with the help of  some friendly “stewardesses” on that flight. Leaving the east coast at the urging of some friends who thought my artistic ideas, and free-spirited lifestyle might be a good fit for the west coast. With the beat and the messages of the music of that era humming in my ears, I donned every piece of clothing I owned, and began the journey to the sunny land of Peace, Love, and …

After a short visit with friends in LA, and just as my enthusiasm started to wane,  the road beckoned me further up the coast. While driving  with a friend,  a mudslide encountered gave us a reason to stay overnight in Big Sur.

This was IT! Now I get IT, hence  the road opened up and led me to San Francisco…and so that two week vacation turned into 43 years of incredible adventures, unique friends, and several business creations.  Connecting to the vibes of the era that was

PEACE, LOVE, and ROCK-N-ROLL, what happens next?