Greetings from Planet Jeff!© Jeffrey Axelrod

Back from outer space, or contemplating the vast space…

I’m here to say I love living and creating AXELRODART in Vegas!

It’s been about a year, since my spacecraft landed here.

Without the treasure trove of my collections, castoffs, fun stuff, and personal memorabilia,

that lies stashed away in San Francisco, I embarked on a quest to discover Vegas

from my quirky, unique, and humorous perspective.

Aiming my rocket towards garage sales, estate sales, found objects on the street, and

of course, friends’ castoffs, my VEGAS ARTVENTURES collection was launched!

Influenced by  brilliant sunlight, neon lights, swirling winds, and sweeping vistas of mountains and desert,

these visions propelled my assemblage style to new horizons.

Created with sparkles and sequins, a nod to ‘old Vegas, and a bit of mischief,

I present VEGAS ARTVENTURES with  wink and a smile.

Cheers, Jeff