Artist Jeffrey AxelrodAs an artist, Jeffrey Axelrod is a late-bloomer.

In 1970, Jeffrey’s company, Hip-O-Potamus Creations, became the first licensed manufacturer of silk-screen and private label T-shirts for rock-n-roll musicians, their concert tours, and the pop entertainment industry.

After dedicating his talents, energy and 30+ years of his life to the clothing manufacturing business in San Francisco, Jeff’s impulses to create art came to the forefront of his life around 2002.

Combining his passions for natural elements, international teas, and pop culture, assemblage art became his defining influence as an artist.

Jeff’s trademark is tea-infused art in combination with innovative assemblage, using many “found” objects, memorabilia from his childhood, friends’ castoffs and just fun stuff!

Successful showings at various west coast venues, including the world-renowned Sausalito Art Festival, brings Jeff’s current focus to implement art fundraisers dedicated to www.keepmemoryalive.org, supporting the mission of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, Nevada.