Friends of KATHY’S KARDS

KUDOS!!! THANKS! HOORAY! To dear friends, beloved family members and  generous supporters of KATHY'S KARDS!   Andrew Axelrod, Penny Axelrod, Bon bon Harrington, Susie & Denham Clements, Domsky Glass, Melanie Blum, Lynn Lobner, Ezra Jacobs, Mary & Mark Levenson,  Nancy-Jo Zadek,  Jaime & Martine Longhi, Laurie-Jo Kotzen, Kerrie Brayman, Ann & James Gould, Susie & Brian Durie Lavitt, Kim Jage, Kellyann & Colette, Rene Merlau-Armstrong, Neal Armstrong, … [Read more...]


Greetings from Planet Jeff! Back from outer space, or contemplating the vast space... I'm here to say I love living and creating AXELRODART in Vegas! It's been about a year, since my spacecraft landed here. Without the treasure trove of my collections, castoffs, fun stuff, and personal memorabilia, that lies stashed away in San Francisco, I embarked on a quest to discover Vegas from my quirky, unique, and humorous perspective. Aiming my rocket towards garage sales, estate … [Read more...]


The New Year is a time to look back, and look forward. Remembering the fun times, the happy times and laughter! Thinking of my sister Kathy, fondly known as 'aks,' all my memories are happy and fun. Her laughter and happiness were contagious and everyone around her was all the better for it. Several years ago Kathy was diagnosed with Alzheimers and currently needs full time care. Now is the time  to return the love and support. In honor of my sister Kathy, AXELRODART has created an … [Read more...]

How the Journey began

Here we are in the late '60's, and I find myself a stowaway on a plane bound for California. Yes that's right, I smuggle myself on the plane with the help of  some friendly "stewardesses" on that flight. Leaving the east coast at the urging of some friends who thought my artistic ideas, and free-spirited lifestyle might be a good fit for the west coast. With the beat and the messages of the music of that era humming in my ears, I donned every piece of clothing I owned, and began the journey to … [Read more...]

Design is Fine

Enhance your interior space at home or office with custom artwork. Created just for you using your memorabilia, family photos, corporate logos . Axelrodart has many thrilled clients in interior design. Let us collaborate with you! … [Read more...]


Latest creation is a BLU-berry sensation. BLUDDHA floating in a sea of BLU-berry teas, surrounded by rock albums and glittering balls of glass. IT'S A BLAST!!! Waiting for the call, to send the BLUDDHA to ENLIGHTEN YOUR WALL. … [Read more...]


Peace and Love from Planet Jeff! It's 1975, and that's me  with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Just created the T-shirts for the 'Snack Tour' and on the move with the vibes of rock-n-roll. Rock music, love of pop culture and beauty in all forms became a launching pad for my companies, ideas, and now my journey into 'Assemblage' art. More to be discovered as I orbit into space of the art community here in Vegas, baby, Vegas. Cheers, Jeff … [Read more...]

Axelrod Art at World Tea Expo 2013

Axelrod Art blends tea with art. Hear about some of Jeffrey's creations in this recent interview at the World Tea Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, NV where his popular exhibition was a tremendous success. … [Read more...]